+ Is shipping available?

We currently offer shipping for our W|F Sea Moss Gel and Elderberry Syrup. We do not ship beverages at the moment; however, we hope to offer shipping (including out of state) for our beverages soon!

At this time, local delivery is available for the following city and states:

[ Maryland—within city limits ] If you are located outside of Salisbury, Fruitland/, Cambridge, or Easton, MD city limits, location details will be provided upon order completion.

[ Delmar, MD/ DE- within city limits ] If you are located outside of Delmar city limits, location details will be provided upon order completion.

+ How does deliveries or pick-up arrangements work?
Currently, we deliver locally within city limits, in which the delivery fee is added at checkout. If your address location is not listed in the local delivery description at checkout, location details will be provided upon order completion (add your correct contact information at checkout). To pick up any beverage order, select the "pick up" option at checkout. 

+ Can I get a refund?
ALL sales are final. No refunds are issued. 

+ What if I have an allergy to any of the ingredients? 
Be sure to review ALL ingredients before ordering. If there are any known allergy or allergies, please provide all special requests before ordering by typing in the "special instructions for seller" box at checkout.

+ What is the sugar content/ caloric intake of each drink?
At this time, neither are provided, as we do not provide any medical advice. We recommend consulting with your doctor if there are any pre-existing conditions, before consuming our products. 

+ Which drinks make you lose weight/ which drinks will help with weight loss?
Any of the drinks could potentially help aid weight loss; however, for more desired results, we recommend having a diet regimen of your own [in addition to juicing]. Healthier alternative work best when consuming our products.

+ What's a good detox cleanse?
We recommend the flavour-its that include ingredients such as, green leafy vegetables and/or ginger. Our products can be used for detoxification/ cleansing purposes, but we recommend having a diet regimen of your own [in addition to juicing] for better results. Consult with your doctor before beginning any detox/ cleanse, as results may vary.

+ How much are the juices? 
Prices vary and can be found under the "Get Juiced With W|F" tab (unless specified otherwise on social media for pop-up sales and/or vending events). 

+ How can I place an order?
All orders can be placed via the "W|F Collection" tab (unless specified otherwise on social media for pop-up sales). The various product options are listed under the drop down menu. Instructions are listed under the product tabs.

+ What are the benefits of the drinks?
Each product has various benefits. Be sure to follow us on social media for fun facts! Also, we recommend that you do your own research as well, as we are not medical professionals, and do not provide medical advice.

+ How long are the products good for?
We recommend our products within a week (sea moss gels can be consumed within 3-4 weeks). It is important to consume our beverage options within a week, as there could be harmful bacteria that could impact one's body/immune system functioning (i.e. children, adolescents, elderly persons, as well as person's with compromised immune systems).

+ Can you consume the drinks in one sitting? 
This depends on your type of order. It is recommended that the beverages be consumed throughout the day.

+ How does the juice cleanses work?
For the best results, it's important to have a consistent diet regimen of your own (drinking water, consuming fruits and vegetables, etc). The cleanses can be used as a meal replacement (for any meal of the day), for fasting, as well as intermittent fasting (the cycle of eating and not eating within a day's/weeks time). Please review the cleanse information before purchasing. Also, it is important to be mindful of your diet post-cleanse, it is recommended that you continue clean eating for more desired results. 

+ How do we stay up to date on events?
Follow our social media handles: 
• facebook: Wholistic flavour
instagram (the camera icon): @wholisticflavour
twitter (the bird icon): @wholisticflav 

+ Does the business participate in vending events? 
Yes, we do! For all vendor event inquiries (or interests), please send all vendor information with details (event/ event description, contact information, location, date, time, payment options for vendor space, as well as set-up instructions, etc.) to: info@wholisticflavour.com 

+ Are there any discounts offered? 
Discounts are typically automatically generated unless specified otherwise, in which a discount code will be given (i.e. for 4-packs and 6-packs, the discount is added at checkout).

• Email: info@wholisticflavour.com
• Phone: 443-667-0441